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Our background lays in nationally important infrastructure projects, from stadiums to transit systems, bridges and energy storage. 

From deep roots in traditional infrastructure, we’ve transitioned our focus to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) projects that benefit humanity while respecting and embracing the surrounding environment.

We believe there is a necessity to support our planet with technology, engineering and infrastructure that is guided by the three pillars of  Protection, Restoration and Sustainability (PRS)

Laconic’s core operating model is OaaS: Outcome as a Service.

Our clients  define a well-formed Outcome and we deliver all of the elements required to achieve it, including infrastructure development and management activities, design conceptualization, permitting, financing, engineering, construction, commissioning, O&M and even media to share with the world the impact our clients are making. 

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Laconic strives to create a world where we will tell our children and their children how we worked to build a planet that is environmentally and socially healthier than what was given to us. 


Our clients, members of the communities benefited by our work, and our own excellence-obsessed Laconic staff all provide valuable input that guides how we make decisions in today’s rapidly changing workplace.  We aim to always enhance the lives of those we work with, treat everyone with respect, dignity and compassion and create an environment that fosters individual creativity and uniqueness. 

Our formula for success is a simple one - employing people who demand excellence as a baseline standard.  We support that point of view with the resources required to continually improve, innovate and overcome. We develop coherence across projects with shared values, different perspectives and work styles so that round pegs are never forced into square holes.


We carefully take on projects that deliver maximum environmental and social impact; that will inspire and matter to everyone who cares about our world.


20 years from now we will tell our children, and their children, how we worked to build a world that is socially and environmentally healthier than that which was given to us.  Our commitment to a better future is what drives our company culture, our values and the choices we make as a developer of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects around the world. 


At Laconic we see humanity’s progress as unquestionably tied to the protection, restoration and sustainability of natural systems where economic growth supports a healthy and flourishing planet.  To reach our own company goals we’ve partnered with leading technology providers across multiple areas of expertise, including waste management, waste to energy, wind energy, ecological sensing of air, land and seas, soil regeneration and carbon sequestering. 

We’re also integrating human sense-making scans into our projects, so that we can gather insights into the experiences, needs and knowledge of those local communities who are integral stakeholders in the policy outcomes we seek to generate.

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Our people come from diverse backgrounds - from NGOs and environmental activists, defense and global security, and of course, global finance and critical infrastructure development. We count artists and engineers, biochemists and farmers, scientists and film producers amongst our teams and we’re actively seeking to expand our expertise across the domains that support our ESG projects.  

Our culture is one of continual learning and improvement, always from a baseline of excellence. 


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Laconic tackles big and complex problems to which there is no simple solution. 


Leveraging our unparalleled project implementation expertise, global technology sourcing capabilities, and integrated project finance platform, we are uniquely positioned to champion transformative projects around the globe- the type of projects that positions a country for a century of future growth. Whether a country needs a green waste-to-energy solution, a hydrogen production facility, or a state-of-the-art energy hub and port facility, Laconic can deliver the appropriate project on a turn key basis with zero capital expenditure on the part of the client. 

Laconic-Color 8.png