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Leveraging the best in global energy technology, Laconic develops energy solutions for its clients that unlocks potential energy from the local environment in a sustainable and ecologically sound manner. 


  • Waste-to-Energy solutions

  • Energy Storage

  • Energy Transportation

  • Waste Management

  • Energy Portfolio Diversification

  • Energy Consulting

  • Methane Gas Recovery

  • Bio-ethanol Production

  • Incineration

Energy is everything and there are fourteen forms of energy. So any activity in this universe is energy converting from one form to another. The most common form of conversion that we experience with our senses, such as seeing or touching something for the first time, involves electromagnetic radiation—the light waves emitted by a firefly or an incandescent bulb; sound waves produced by your favorite song; heat emanating from a warm cup on a cold winter night; and so forth. 

The most common types of energies are kinetic, thermal, electromagnetic radiation or light waves, gravitational potential (or pressure), sound waves/pressure waves, chemical reactions (including photosynthesis and respiration), and nuclear fission/fusion power generation.

Laconic’s energy solutions look for the latent energy sources in an ecosystem and unlocks their potential for human use while adopting the Biomimicry Principles.


  • Nature runs on sunlight

  • Natures uses only the energy it needs

  • Nature fits form to function

  • Nature recycles everything

  • Nature rewards cooperation

  • Nature banks on diversity

  • Nature demands local expertise

  • Nature curbs excesses from within

  • Nature taps the power of limits

Fern Plant

“The more our world functions like the natural world, the more likely we are to endure on this home that is ours, but not ours alone. 

Janine Benyus