Image by Krzysztof Hepner


Laconic Code of Ethics


  • Consider the needs and requirements of all stakeholders in our activities.

  • Prioritise and value diversity.

  • Strive for excellence as a baseline standard in all of our activities.

  • Listen to everyone who is connected to our projects.

  • Make a stand against bribery and corruption.

  • Create outcomes that provide many orders of value.

  • Seek harmony with our environment.

  • Create a culture of continual learning and curiosity.

  • Use our resources to protect, restore and sustain our only planet.

  • Act as professionals whilst applying empathy and understanding in all business interactions.

  • Elevate our people through collaboration and sharing of ideas and resources.

  • Practice efficiency to the point of elegance, ensuring no resource is unduly wasted. 

  • Encourage our people to follow work and home life passions.

  • Design in the knowledge our work will be on view for decades to come. 

  • Build long term relationships through trust, transparency and working to our code of ethics.