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Laconic is able to leverage its deep capital markets and project finance expertise to structure tailored financing products. Each product is specifically attuned to the particular needs and requirements of the individual partnerships we undertake.  


Our financial models facilitate transformative development concepts and maximize total economic benefit for our outcome partners.  This process is fully baked into the Laconic Outcome-as-a-Service (OaaS) delivery model.

Laconic’s unique approach to financial structuring firmly places the long-term social, political, and environmental benefits of any development opportunity at the forefront of our evaluative value hierarchy.  Our goal is to never be forced to abandon a quality opportunity to better mankind, due solely to the lack of vision embodied by existing financial products and structures.


If it works – we will use it. 

If it is broken – we will fix it.  

If it doesn’t exist – we will create it.

While the particulars differ from structure to structure, typical elements of a Laconic capital stack include:

  • Green Bond Issuance

  • Blue Bond Issuance

  • Social Bond Issuance

  • Equity Injection

  • Senior Secured Debt

  • Convertible Debentures

  • Syndicated Debt Offerings

  • Cash Flow Securitizations

  • Venture Rights Offerings

  • Credit Default Swaps and other Derivatives

  • Credit Enhancement Instruments

  • Venture Royalty Streams

  • Innovative Structures as Required

Partnering with Laconic allows our clients to focus on aggregate benefits delivered by policy outcomes, rather than be limited by the (relatively) shorter term time horizons imposed by traditional project finance methodologies.  

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