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Finance and Insurance

Banks, Investment Funds, Asset Allocators, & Insurers

Who’s watching the money, and how are they watching it? There are so many ways the bottom dollar can diminish and disappear. Laconic’s SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform leverages world-class data analytics to empower and protect your bottom dollar.

Here are some of the many ways the SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform can be of benefit:

Natural Capital
Risk Assessment

Quantified aquatic,
atmospheric, and
terrestrial data for
risk mitigation and

Risk Awareness

Forecast climate
risk associated
with infrastructure

Claim Due

Support claims
validations and
investigations with
environmental data


investments with
in-situ data
sourcing to limit


  • Utilize predictive analytics and environmental modeling to maximize returns on investments

  • Provide insight with environmental accounting into natural resource assets and ecosystem services

  • Strategically allocate assets and capital while mitigating risk using environmental intelligence

Additional Case Types

  • Anticipate natural disaster threats and portfolio management impacts

  • Maximize premium pricing for favorable returns to shareholders

  • Comprehensively understand the risks and relationships associated with natural ecosystems and human activity

Earth Observation

Utilize remote sensing to understand the complex relationships between humans and natural ecosystems

Survey Teams

Validate environmental intelligence with independently verified data from Laconic’s trained professionals     

Ground Monitoring

Assess environmental conditions to regulate activities, mitigate risks, and understand natures trends

Data Science Teams

Rely on our world-class data scientists, engineers, and analysts for correlation and decision support when it counts


Model the changing environment with SADAR’s multi-variate biological informatics system 

Commercial Providers

Broaden your horizon with massive-scale data ingestion, to understand every environment in greater depth


Anticipate the various environmental impacts that come with development to safeguard local environments and communities

Carbon Project Monitoring

Quantify carbon contributions to effectively develop offset/mitigation strategies

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring & Reporting

Ensure compliance with environmental regulation and increasing public scrutiny related to ESG values

Wildfire Forecast
& Response

Preemptively understand regional susceptibilities and risks associated with wildfire and drought

Laconic-Color 8.png

Physical & Transition Risk

  • Anticipate natural disaster threats for portfolio impact management

  • Predict flood, drought, and wildfire impacts on assets and supply chains

  • Respond to climate-related financial risks with decision support and validated environmental data

Laconic-Color 8.png

Ecosystem Accounting

  • Reduce lag time with organized environmental data into SEEA thematic accounts

  • Develop offset and mitigation strategies with carbon accounting

  • Quantify natural capital assets with current market valuation

Laconic-Color 8.png

Shareholder Value

  • Maximize premium pricing for favorable returns to shareholders

  • Align portfolios with socially responsible investments to reduce environmental impacts

  • Support ESG & SDG reporting with real environmental intelligence

Laconic-Color 8.png

Reporting and Regulations

  • Measure environmental impact for climate disclosure statements

  • Ensure regulation compliance with greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting

  • Reduce public scrutiny with high accuracy environmental data

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