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Natural Resources

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Mining, and Extraction

If you take humankind out of the equation, natural resources do just fine. But this isn’t the case. Humankind is very much a part of the equation, whether that is for good or ill. Laconic’s SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform provides world class data analytics to leverage the good and minimize waste. You win; the earth wins.

Here are some of the ways SADAR can be of benefit to your project, whether proposed or ongoing:

Natural Resource

Quantify Natural
Capital Assets for
accounting & annual


Sequester &
quantify carbon
units to monetize
as carbon credits for
additional revenue

Natural Capital

Identify, quantify,
and evaluate
latent resources
in natural

Climate Risk

Anticipate climate-
related supply
chain and
operation disruptions
for strategic response

Operational Efficiency

  • Protect & preserve operational assets with high accuracy telematics and real-time monitoring

  • Optimize extraction allocation by utilizing in-depth environmental data analytics to maximize returns

  • Increase sustainable practices with less waste

  • Optimize supply lines to save time and money

Environmental Monitoring

  • Prevent catastrophic environmental damage caused by extreme weather events with early-warning detection

  • Optimize waste management practices to prevent spills

  • Safeguard ecosystems and surrounding communities

Earth Observation

Utilize remote sensing to understand the complex relationships between humans and natural ecosystems

Survey Teams

Validate environmental intelligence with independently verified data from Laconic’s trained professionals     

Ground Monitoring

Assess environmental conditions to regulate activities, mitigate risks, and understand natures trends

Data Science Teams

Rely on our world-class data scientists, engineers, and analysts for correlation and decision support when it counts


Model the changing environment with SADAR’s multi-variate biological informatics system 

Commercial Providers

Broaden your horizon with massive-scale data ingestion, to understand every environment in greater depth

Water Availability & Utilization

Gain a comprehensive understanding of water use for operations and optimize processes

Minimize Environmental Impacts

Run simulations with ecosystem accounting data to reduce and rectify environmental impacts


Use benchmark data to adequately report sustainably aligned practices

Carbon Project Monitoring

Quantify carbon contributions to effectively develop offset/mitigation strategies

Laconic-Color 8.png

Agriculture & Forestry

  • Increase yields and optimize operations with decision support

  • Validate carbon offset projects with accurate carbon accounting

  • Determine optimal irrigation and crop harvesting periods

Laconic-Color 8.png

Environmental Reporting

  • Apply benchmark environmental data for sustainability reporting

  • Organize environmental data into SEEA thematic accounts

  • Develop offset and mitigation strategies with carbon accounting

Laconic-Color 8.png

Ecosystem Service Valuation

  • Determine values of ecosystem services with SEEA valuation methods

  • Assign monetary values to natural environments for subsidies, tax breaks, and fee waivers

  • Quantify natural capital assets with current market valuation

Laconic-Color 8.png

Mining & Extraction

  • Identify aquifers and mineral deposits with acoustic tomography sensing

  • Optimize waste management practices for sustainable outcomes

  • Reduce environmental impacts with strategic development insights

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