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Professional Services

Accounting, Auditing, & Consulting

Organize, assess, monitor, measure, validate, provide: such is the nourishment Professional Services provide. Service based on information, on data, on numbers. Laconic’s SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform pulls this galaxy of information together to provide clients with data analytics based in real world dynamics. The client wins; so too does the natural world.

Here are some of the many ways the SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform can be of benefit:


Rely on
Environmental data
organized by SEEA
thematic accounts
for reporting &


Assess relevant
statutory & internal
requirements with
in-situ data sourcing


Measure, monitor,
& validate scope 1-3
greenhouse gas
(GHG) emissions
with E P&L reports


Provide consistent
environmental data
for transparent
reporting to avoid

Environmental Intelligence

  • Identify interdependencies within an economy

  • Visualize market competitiveness, housing price changes, and transportation accessibility to allow businesses to optimize their location planning

  • Refine data processing methods to reduce time waste

  • Strategically allocate assets & Infrastructure


  • Measure and monitor environmental Impacts

  • Optimize operational procedures and supply chains

  • Improve communication with stakeholders

Earth Observation

Utilize remote sensing to understand the complex relationships between humans and natural ecosystems

Survey Teams

Validate environmental intelligence with independently verified data from Laconic’s trained professionals     

Ground Monitoring

Assess environmental conditions to regulate activities, mitigate risks, and understand natures trends

Data Science Teams

Rely on our world-class data scientists, engineers, and analysts for correlation and decision support when it counts


Model the changing environment with SADAR’s multi-variate biological informatics system 

Commercial Providers

Broaden your horizon with massive-scale data ingestion, to understand every environment in greater depth

Resource Availability & Utilization

Gain a comprehensive understanding of environmental resources to predict shortages or discover alternatives

Extreme Weather Forecast & Response

Predict extreme weather events & prepare appropriate responses to protect people and assets

Sustainability Assurance

Confidently utilize data for reporting with Laconic's independently verified benchmark data

Sustainable Procurement

Identify and resolve harmful procurement practices without incurring higher costs

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Environmental Profit & Loss

  • Provide supply chain impact reporting to align with stakeholders

  • Illustrate environmental KPIs for carbon emission reduction, water use, water pollution, land use, air pollution, and waste accounts

Laconic-Color 8.png

Climate Disclosure Audits

  • Provide 3rd party validated environmental data to support the Securities & Exchange Commission’s disclosure requirements

  • Align portfolios with socially responsible investments

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Natural Capital Accounting

  • Systematically measure and assign monetary values to natural capital stocks and ecosystem service flows

  • Align with international climate policy using SEEA methodologies

  • Support green financing using SEEA to directly measure and quantify SDG indicator alignment

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Compliance Reporting

  • Measure environmental impacts for climate disclosure statements

  • Ensure regulation compliance with greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting

  • Reduce public scrutiny with high accuracy environmental data

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