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Sovereigns & Governments

Governments, Ministries, State-Sponsored Corporations

Laconic’s SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform is, for governments, ministries, and state-sponsored corporations, much like the balance pole carried by high wire acrobats. Because it is a bit of a high wire act to hear, consider, and meet all the demands of a nation. To try that without benefit of the best imaginable information truly is death-defying. Use SADAR and the world-class data analytics it generates to challenge all of the state-level issues demanding attention and impeding decision making.

Here are some of the many ways the SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform can be of benefit:


Biological Informatics
to support natural

Natural Capital

carbon offset
solutions for diverse
global institutions


Produce clean,
nutrient-dense food
while improving


Protect national
security and stability
interests with realtime

Bespoke Environmental Intelligence

  • Deploy SADAR for precise environmental characterization

  • Explore, conserve, and manage living and non-living resources, from atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic environments

  • Enhance critical infrastructure protection

  • Develop habitat protection

  • Initiate natural resource management

  • Tracking of natural assets

Additional Case Types

  • Government enforcement actions

  • Counter Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

  • Resource utilization and protection

  • Port infrastructure and facilities development

  • Data collection and analysis

Earth Observation

Utilize remote sensing to understand the complex relationships between humans and natural ecosystems

Survey Teams

Validate environmental intelligence with independently verified data from Laconic’s trained professionals     

Ground Monitoring

Assess environmental conditions to regulate activities, mitigate risks, and understand natures trends

Data Science Teams

Rely on our world-class data scientists, engineers, and analysts for correlation and decision support when it counts


Model the changing environment with SADAR’s multi-variate biological informatics system 

Commercial Providers

Broaden your horizon with massive-scale data ingestion, to understand every environment in greater depth

Preservation and Restoration Initiatives

SADAR identifies potential issues before they escalate and provides predictive analytics for informed decision-making.

Water Contamination

Monitor water quality and identify the source of contaminants to keep people and habitats safe in addition to understanding the aquatic characteristics.

Portfolio Risk Management

Identify, evaluate, prioritize risks, and make informed decisions using SADAR’s unique environmental insights to support evidence-based management of natural resources in dynamic socio-political contexts.

Compliance Reporting and Management

Demonstrate consistent adherence to industry standards, rules, regulations, and laws required by governments or regulatory bodies globally.

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Food & Water Security

  • Generate self-sufficient food supplies with regenerative ecoculture

  • Provide clean water with natural purification and desalination solutions

  • Create food independence with sustainable management practices

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Compliance Reporting

  • Maintain transparent reporting for climate disclosure statement

  • Demonstrate consistent adherence to regulating bodies

  • Ensure alignment with Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)

Laconic-Color 8.png

Integrated Financing

  • Leverage deep capital markets and expert project financing solutions

  • Maintain environmental alignment with green financing options

  • Finance infrastructure development with latent resource monetization

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Natural Resource Preservation

  • Provide policymakers with decision support to protect, restore, and sustain natural ecosystems

  • Support conservation initiatives with high-accuracy environmental data

  • Forecast and respond to climate related impacts

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