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Plans and Operations Specialist

Chicago, IL, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Summary: The primary purpose of this position is to develop strategic assessment methodologies and frameworks and conduct strategic and operational assessments to produce data collection plans, schedules, narratives, papers, and briefs as part of key decision support products. The position requires utilizing computer information systems to conduct planning and manage operations of global environmental monitoring and characterization systems through data entry and manipulation. The Plans and Operations Specialist is responsible for performing professional environmental and planning studies, research, and analysis pursuant to local through federal in-country regulations; this is in support of proposed surveys and preparation of associated environmental documents to be considered for adoption by decision-making bodies.
The organizational location of this position is: Chicago, IL as an in-person position.
• Research, review and evaluation, documentation preparations, and production services to compliment the planning process utilizing computer information systems that manage data consisting of environmental characterization and monitoring activities, environmental assessments, and a wide array of surveys.
• Develop the processes and methodologies that will be applied to provide strategic assessments of business operations, activities, and actions against objectives related to functional plans and all domain awareness activities.
• Provide guidance on how the activities employed support business functions outlined in corporate strategy.
• Ensure strategies and activities are in accordance with business agreements, and that achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. Identify and assess lessons learned because of these activities to improve business operations and integration of computer information systems.
• Support the development and management of project schedules, schedule management, resource management, and all operational functions of the Sentient All Domain Autonomous Response (SADAR) platform.


Required Experience:

  • Your resume must reflect the quality level of experience that demonstrates the possession of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies necessary for successful job performance required for this position. Examples of creditable experience include:

  • Developing the processes and methodologies that will be applied to provide strategic assessments of operations, activities, and actions related to insights provided by computer information systems, environmental monitoring systems and surveys, the client, survey teams, and corporate headquarters.

  • Ability to conduct business operations and crisis action planning utilizing computer information systems that protect, detect, and/or mitigate vulnerabilities in the SADAR platform.

  • Skill in applying functional expertise in the development of analytical methods and tools used to support business operations planning.

  • Skill in selecting and applying analytical methods and tools to the assessment of objectives that support simulation, plans, and strategies.

  • Knowledge of the role of business networks and other IT assets in supporting and facilitating operations.

  • Knowledge of the business organizational structure supporting environmental monitoring and computer information system operations planning and operations.

  • Ability to work collaboratively with other members of the environmental monitoring community to write, articulate, and demonstrate the value of monitoring.

  • VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE: Refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

About the Company

Laconic Infrastructure Partners Inc. (“Laconic”) is a leading global provider of Environmental Intelligence, Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization, and Regenerative Ecoculture services.  


Leveraging its state-of-the-art Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response (SADAR™) environmental intelligence platform, unparalleled in-situ data gathering and validation capabilities, and world-class geo-spatial analysis teams, Laconic works directly at the apex of Sovereign Nations, SOEs, NGOs, and Multinational Corporations to jointly solve a newly emerging class of complex strategic problems lying at the intersection of the ecology, economy, and security domains.


As a chartered Public-Benefit Corporation (PBC), Laconic operates as a true partner to its clients, considering the unique needs and requirements of all stakeholders to conceptualize, structure, deliver and maintain comprehensive multi-variate biologic informatics (MVBI) solutions to problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations, and habitat preservation; to name but a few.


Liaising directly with the highest levels of governments, NGOs, and corporations around the world, Laconic’s Environmental Intelligence Services group delivers unique environmental insights extracted from its validated, high-quality baseline data stores to support evidence-based management of natural resources in dynamic socio-political contexts.


Supplying global institutions requiring the highest-quality structured informatics and carbon-offset monetization solutions, Laconic’s Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization group assists our clients with the identification, management, and ongoing monetization of hitherto stranded ecosystem assets.


Exploiting its timely access to multi-variate biologic informatics, Laconic’s Regenerative Ecoculture Services group provides modern, data-driven, and sustainable quality-of-life, food & water security, and crop yield enhancement services for populations across the globe.  From arid-environment wheat production in MENA to burn-free rice production in Southeast Asia, Laconic delivers innovative regenerative ecoculture solutions that protect, restore and regenerate the natural environment.


At Laconic we see humanity’s progress as unquestionably tied to the protection, restoration and regeneration of natural systems where economic growth supports a healthy and flourishing planet.  It is our commitment to a better future that drives our culture, our values and the choices we make as a company; choices that shine brightly through initiatives such as our utilization of human sense-making surveys to gather insights into the experiences, needs and knowledge of the local communities who are integral stakeholders in the policy outcomes enabled by Laconic’s services.


20 years from now – we will tell our children, and their children, how we worked to build a world that is demonstrably healthier, both environmentally and socially, than the world which we have inherited.

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