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Andrew Gilmour 

Chief Executive Officer 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Andrew Gilmour is an accomplished business leader with 20+ years of management experience in the global security & critical infrastructure development industries. 


Jacob Clayton 

Chief Operating Officer 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Jacob Clayton spent over 15+ years as a Senior Officer in the United States Marine Corps solving a wide range of technical, operational, and leadership challenges in dynamic foreign contexts and highly structured government organizations. 


David Matheson 

Chief Financial Officer 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. David Matheson, CPA CA, is a senior public and private company financial executive with over 40+ years’ experience focused on the worldwide energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, industrial, and real estate sectors. 


Anna Leese de Escobar 

Chief Science Officer 

  • LinkedIn

Ms. Anna Leese de Escobar is one of America’s foremost experts on high-temperature superconductor-based sensing, having more than 28 years of experience in applied superconductivity.


David Crammond

Chief Data Officer 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. David Crammond is an accomplished global finance executive with 30+ years of experience in a wide variety of executive roles with world class financial firms, including IHS Markit - a S&P 500 company. 


Michael Weeks 

Senior Vice President of Marketing 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Mike Weeks has over 20+ years as a senior business  consultant, coach and communication, sales and leadership advisor, to diverse industries and government agencies . He is a published author with both Random House and Wiley. 

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Patrick Zuber

Vice President of Operations

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Patrick Zuber is a seasoned professional and leader with over 20 years international experience as a Senior Officer in the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Zuber conducted many global operations faced with complex operational, logistical, and political challenges understanding the environment and solving dynamic problems. With a Master of Business Administration, Mr. Zuber is a proven leader in operations, program management, data analytics, and economics.


Tommy Olson

Director of Corporate Security 

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Tommy Olson has 28+ years as a Senior Military Police and Security Branch Officer in the US Marine Corps. He is a Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy graduate and is a proven expert in leading and managing Security Operations in ever evolving global military and diplomatic landscapes across the world. 

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