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Gain Information Dominance

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The SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform

Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response (SADAR™) is a proprietary technology that helps humans define, understand and address the complex interdependencies between global ecology, economy and security in ways that improve the quality of human life and help ensure the continued habitability of the planet we all share.

SADAR’s™ data diet consists of remote sensing technologies, human observation and intelligence, AI and ML informatics and predictive modeling based on timely and reliable data stores. Together, these technologies enable businesses, governments and NGOs understand complex and fluid situations and make intelligent, profitable and benevolent decisions in real time. 

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Laconic leverages SADAR™ as well as unparalleled in-situ data gathering and validation capabilities and world-class geospatial analysis teams to help Government, NGOs, and Multinational Corporations solve the newly emerging class of complex strategic problems lying at the intersection of the ecology, economy, and security domains. 

From infinite complexity, workable solutions for problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations, and habitat preservation can emerge.

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Earth Observation

Utilize remote sensing to understand the complex relationships between humans and natural ecosystems.

Survey Teams

Validate environmental intelligence with independently verified data from Laconic’s trained professionals.

Ground Monitoring

Assess environmental conditions to regulate activities, mitigate risks, and understand nature’s trends.

Data Science Teams

Rely on world-class data scientists, engineers and analysts for correlation and decision support when it counts.


Model the changing environment using SADAR’s™ multi-variate biological informatics system.

Commercial Providers

Broaden the horizon with massive-scale data ingestion, to understand every environment in greater depth.

SADAR™ at Work:  Real World Applications


From an ecological perspective, the time for shooting from the hip is gone. Today, sound business and political choices must be based on stewardship, not ignorance or greed. Our SADAR™ platform collects and interprets the data companies, governments and NGOs need to make responsible and life-sustaining decisions before they commit resources to projects and products. 


The ability to understand the implications of different courses of action enables organizations to avoid earth-threatening choices and instead invest time and energy in restoring and protecting our global environment. Our SADAR™ Decision-Enabling Platform lies at the heart of Laconic’s portfolio. 


Here are some examples of how SADAR™ enables humans to make better decisions.

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