We believe the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) is the best chance we have to protect, restore, and sustain our oceans through delivering Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) in an integrated decision support environment. To that end, we commit to the SADAR Action Pillars: 


  • Protecting marine ecosystems 

  • Communicating anthropogenic activities that degrade the ocean

  • Promoting safety from the ocean

  • Collaborate with policy makers to amplify regenerative activity and dampen ecosystem degradation 



  • Prevent waste from entering the ocean

  • Prevent carbon emissions from waste streams 

  • Collect ocean waste 

  • Research and Implement Mangrove, Coral Reef, and Seagrass restoration efforts


  • Collaborate with policy makers for sustainable oceans management

  • Enjoy sustainable food from the ocean

  • Promote sustainable economic use of the ocean