Resilience is the degree to which an individual, group, or system is able to thrive in a dynamic environment


Laconic designs and develops bespoke resilience outcomes for human, environmental, and infrastructure challenges.


Laconic’s resilience team has over 100 years of combined experience in national defense, cyber and infrastructure security, in the USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, and Australia.

Large-scale security requirements are dynamic due to rapidly changing human, technological, and natural environments and present risks to our safety and ability to live in harmony.  

Readiness (against risk) ensures resilience for our people, clients and projects.  Readiness includes the necessity to stay continually informed, to ensure our technology is ahead of the curve, our people are trained to the highest standards, and all of our counterparties are carefully vetted before we agree to any project development. 

Resilience means many things, not least of all future-proofing every project we undertake. Future proofing requires long-term strategies to protect energy, water, transport, buildings and natural spaces to name a few. 

Our key attribute to address risk and bring about security is designing for resilience.  Resilience is the degree to which an individual, group, or system is able to thrive in a dynamic environment. 

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"Everything flows,
and nothing abides, everything gives way, and nothing stays fixed."


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Laconic offers the following expertise to set conditions for resilience in complex environments: ​

  • Access Control

  • Corporate Security

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Security Management

  • Personal Security 

  • Access Control Procedures

  • Information Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Physical Security

  • Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Management 

  • Compliance and Ethics Programs

  • Crime Prevention and Detection

  • Background Investigations

  • Supply Chain Audits and Product Due Diligence

  • Coordination with Local Law Enforcement (US and Abroad)


At Laconic, community engagement, employment policies, worker-welfare practices, environmental sustainability programs, and transparent management of risk governance augments or replaces traditional security mitigation processes. Our contemporary resilience approach goes beyond the standard physical security and guards; it engages a diverse group of stakeholders and integrates with ESG priorities.

Our resilience offering as part of Outcomes as a Service can reduce security costs, minimize the likelihood of disaster, and provide benefits for all.