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Understand the environment. Understand the opportunity.

Economic Activity in Equilibrium with the Planet  

In today’s increasingly eco-aware business climate, what a company doesn’t do is sometimes as economically valuable as what it does. Carbon offset monetization can be a win-win discipline, providing owners of assets stranded by environmental protection initiatives with ways to realize income from their investments while maintaining a high level of earth stewardship.

Laconic’s unique monetization practice enables us to handle every step simply and transparently in the creation, validation, monetization and clearing process for carbon derivatives in the global markets. 

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Carbon-Offset Monetization 

Our Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization team has decades of experience in global carbon markets, assisting clients with the identification, management and ongoing monetization of hitherto stranded ecosystem assets. This means that you can distribute your climate impact and unlock the value of these assets—whether they’re clean energy or sustainable forestry credits—to create a long-term, stable ROI.

Our natural-capital monetization practice is authenticated by SADAR™ our Decision-Enabling Platform sourced from our global environmental projects and bespoke data collection contracts and compiled from reliable world-class sources. 

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